Email Alerts: 11/20/23 – Close LNG, IWM

It’s always a good Monday when you can close a trade for profits!

Ticker: LNG (Cheniere Energy)

Trade Action: Close the existing put spread for a debit of around 0.55

BTC 15 DEC 165 put

STC 15 DEC 160 put

Note: We initially took in 1.16 in credit, so closing for 0.55 will give us a nice 15% return on risk from our entry date on 11/7.

Let’s also take this opportunity to close out of the IWM iron fly position.  While the market remains overbought, it does tend to enjoy a holiday week. This trade will lose value if the market drifts higher.


Ticker: IWM (Russell 2000 ETF)

Trade Action: Close the existing iron fly for a debit of around 4.11

BTC 15 DEC 174 call

STC 15 DEC 179 call

BTC 15 DEC 174 put

STC 15 DEC 169 put

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